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Hi, I’m Paige!

High romance is my jam, and I’m here to do it with you in a real-life, true-to-you way.

Paige Gribb, a female photographer in Paris, holding a DSLR camera in Paris, France
portrait of Paige Gribb, a photographer in Paris France, holding a Nikon Camera and smiling
Paige Gribb | Your Photographer

As your photographer, I’m here to make you feel comfortable, carefree, confident—and most importantly, free to be yourself in front of the camera. Let’s document your love story in a way that’s true to you.

Let’s Rewind

The Backstory

With a job like mine, you might assume I went to art school. But you’d be wrong! I actually spent my college and grad school years knee-deep in gender studies, foreign languages, and linguistic anthropology. I’ve always been interested in what makes us who we are, and how we communicate with each other and with the world. And photography is an incredible way to do that.

I’ll never forget my first film photography class as a teenager, when I learned how to shoot and develop black-and-white film on my own. There was something so tangible and methodical about doing everything manually, and I never got tired of watching my images slowly appear out of the darkroom chemicals. Ever since, photography has been a major part of my life. I carried a camera everywhere, kept up a blog, and I did everything I could to weave photography into every internship and job that I could.

Thanks to that making-every-job-I-had-a-photography-job habit, I got to learn lots of different forms of storytelling through photos, and I’ve kept bits and pieces of it all. I want to use it to tell your story.

My photographic approach is a mixture of editorial, prompted, and candid moments. I want to make you comfortable in front of the camera, and give you space to have fun and be yourself. For some, that means creating space to play, or giving you ideas of what to do—and I love doing that! But the moments I live for the most are the ones where you get caught up in the moment together, and I can step back and document that moment for you.

LGBTQIA+ Friendly
Native English Speaker
(& Fluent in French, too)
Body Positive
Woman Owned & Operated
Disability adaptable

I believe that creating beautiful, intentional, and out-of-the-everyday images doesn’t have to be in conflict with portraying the authentic.

In fact, putting those two parts together can get us closer to the heart of who you are together.

I believe the best photos are the ones that manage to capture the feel of a moment, whether it’s through focusing on a tiny detail or making an instant seem larger than life. And part of capturing that feel is setting the mood.

A peaceful, quiet sunrise together spent sipping coffee, running around cobblestone streets, as the light filters through the clouds behind you, for example? Now that’s a mood. And it’s ours to play with.

My Approach to Your Photography

What Sets Paige Gribb Photography Apart

I care about inclusivity through photography, and I don’t ever want to put anyone into a box. Creating a welcoming space is my top priority, and I will celebrate your whole self and your whole love.

As a Parisian resident for nigh on a decade (time flies!), I know the way the light hits the buildings in the mornings and the sun’s angle behind the Eiffel Tower as it sets. I have a list of ideas for if a storm sets in. In short: I’ve got you covered.

I know firsthand that you will never forget how you felt while taking your photos. So I always aim to make it easy, comfortable, and fun, and I’m happy to adjust to your needs.

If you’ve seen me at Fashion Week, you know I love a good style moment. But more importantly, I know that what we wear can have a profound impact on how we feel. I believe that the right outfit choice for your photo shoot is the one that makes you feel like you could take on the world, whatever that looks like for you.

I’m a lifelong learner, and I’m always adding to my education. Whether it’s discovering new photography techniques, scouting new locations, or looking at how the Impressionists painted light, I love getting excited about ideas and getting better at my craft.

Member of: Fédération Française de la Photographie et des Métiers de l’Image (FFPMI, French Federation of Photography and Visual Work), Chambre de Métiers et de l’Artisanat de Paris (CMA Paris, Regional Chamber of Trade and Craft)

Featured in: Forbes, FUNNEL Gallery, Offbeat Bride, Tacari Weddings, Onlychild Magazine, Like a Lion Magazine, Obscurae Magazine, Istituto Mediterraneo Studi Internazionali (Mediterranean Institute of International Studies), Mod’Art International, The Spruce, Let’s Bee Together

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